I need a dose of beauty right now.  Badly.  No, I’m not advocating botox, or anything else injected, burned on or sucked out.  It’s been an ugly summer and autumn, and I want to see beautiful, ethereal images and/or beings in all their wonder.  I suspect that many of my readers (jeez, “my readers,” how pompous) might be feeling the same.  And with the holidays coming up faster that we’d probably like to admit, here’s a viable and genuinely soothing spiritual bandage, the new Glitterati epic coffee table book, HORSE/HUMAN, a collection of stunning pictures by noted photographer Bob Tabor.

Yes, it’s pricey ($95), but one gets their money’s worth.  And then some.  This is a giant hardcover volume (14 1/4 x 11 7/16 inches) containing 104 works by the award-winning artist.  And they’re printed on heavy glossy stock (the book weighs nearly eight lbs), so it’s not like you’re spending nearly a hundred bucks on a book of Mr. Ed wannabes (which ain’t necessarily a terrible thing), but rather purchasing a complete mini-gallery that can be cherished over and over again and ultimately be passed down to one’s children or other loved ones.  Long story short:  it’s a work of visual poetry.

The photos capture horses in various forms of motion, and Tabor, knows his subjects extremely well.  Horse lovers/owners (like myself) will appreciate and nod with glowing approval/recognition at the compositions that either in part or their entirety make up this exhibition.  Eyes, mane, arched neck, back, hooves, linear form – either standing still or in full gallop – hey, you horse folk know what I’m talking about.  Rolling, rearing, bucking, interacting either physically or telepathically (again, if you’re indeed a horse person, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about), HORSE/HUMAN (the title stemming from the capturing of these gorgeous animals by a human who “gets ’em”) takes these creatures to a level rarely filmed, and with an overabundance of (obvious) love and appreciation (evoking these spectacular animals’ majesty and playful humor), coupled with Tabor’s artistry.

Katharine Merlin, herself an accredited member of the Rhode Island horse rescue community, has written a brief but telling Foreword, and Tabor follows with an introduction, but don’t take their words for it – or even mine.  Check out the sample shots at the bottom of this piece (the book had me from the cover, handsomely protected in an acetate outer jacket); if they don’t have you champing at the bit, you might need to be checked for uveitus.

HORSE/HUMAN.  Hardcover w/acetate jacket.  14 1/4 x 11 7/16 inches.  Glitterati, Incorporated.  ISBN: 978-0-9962930-8-2.  SRP:  $95.







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